Envy is the root from which spring hatred, calumny, detraction, joy in another's misfortune, and distress at his prosperity. Every form of hate, strife, contention, quarreling, persecution, backbiting, jealousy, contempt, uncharitable ness, malice and ill-will may proceed from it. Because they seem to lessen our own merits and right to esteem, we direct our envy against another's temporal goods and possessions, or against his spiritual gifts and good qualities.

This vice is greatly displeasing to God and most opposed to Hi grace, although we take too little heed of it. Essentially, it is ingratitude to God.

Envy proceeds from pride. We desire to be superior to the one we envy, so we are grieved over any good qualities he has and belittle them; we rejoice when some misfortune befalls him. We put an evil construction on what he says and does and expose any defects we observe in him.

Envy destroys charity in our heart, keeps us from advancing in perfection and renders us hateful to God. It makes us ungrateful, so that we do not give thanks for benefits shown us, but may even depreciate them.

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